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Pain and progress: compensation for the burn healing process

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Burn Injuries

The main reason that people pursue personal injury lawsuits is to get compensation for their injuries. This often comes after an insurance company or a responsible party refuses to pay a fair amount.

The more severe an injury is, the harder these big companies fight to protect their bottom lines. Burns tend to be among the most serious injuries — and the most expensive.

Burn symptoms and treatments

Burns are major health problems in and of themselves. Injuries such as large second-degree burns and any third-degree burns could destroy skin and cause pain. Even first-degree burns could result in scars.

Beyond that, these injuries also often result in various complications. Examples include post-traumatic stress disorder and infections.

Then, there is the issue of treatment. Extreme cases may require inpatient therapy in specialized burn wards. Changing bandages and applying antibiotic ointment is often necessary multiple times a day — and is often extremely painful.

Measuring pain and predicting recovery

As burn patients manage pain and seek compensation that will help them put their lives back on track, it is important to quantify pain levels. This helps form arguments in court and track progress in therapy. There are new practices and theories developing every day to quantify recovery. The better patients are able to communicate their status, the more likely it is that they will secure full compensation for their injuries.

Burns are just one example of a severe injury that insurance companies often undervalue at first. While recovery may be a matter of life or death for the person with the injury, big corporations often treat these cases as if they were all about their bottom lines.