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Determined Legal Advocacy For Burn Injury Survivors

Burn injury survivors and their families are incredibly resilient. It takes tremendous strength to cope with burn injuries’ ongoing and long-term impact. At Weikum Injury Law, I have represented many burn injury survivors in my 25-plus years of experience and have seen their determination and tenacity firsthand.

Serious burn injuries are a nightmare to endure and can have a lasting traumatic impact, including:

  • requiring extensive medical treatment – in many cases, months of hospitalization,
  • numerous surgical procedures,
  • and can result in a radically diminished quality of life.

I am always inspired by seeing people endure and overcome the most horrendous circumstances life could throw at them. I am honored to play a role in that process by helping them secure the financial resources they need for a better quality of life – and the closure that comes with obtaining accountability from those whose negligence contributed to their injuries.

I know that life will never be the same after a burn injury, but my hope is that you can rebuild your future with the help of adequate financial resources from a successful personal injury case. I have won more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts for my clients.

Burns Can Result From Many Kinds Of Accidents

As a seasoned personal injury lawyer, I’m familiar with the legal implications of many accidents that can lead to burns. I handle cases involving:

One of my areas of focus as a personal injury attorney is representing oil field workers who have suffered burn injuries from work-related accidents. I have experience taking on powerful oil and gas companies and winning victories for the underdogs.

The Tragic Toll Of Serious Burn Injuries

With severe burns, the damage penetrates all layers of the skin and fat, destroying nerves, sweat glands, muscles, and bone. Survivors may undergo extensive skin grafts, amputations and other drastic medical procedures. These types of burns leave survivors with lasting scars and disfigurement.

I help burn survivors obtain compensation for all aspects of their suffering. I understand how to establish the facts, gather detailed evidence and present the compelling legal arguments necessary for a successful outcome.

Discuss Your Legal Options After A Burn Injury

You deserve experienced guidance on the legal process so you can make informed decisions on how to move forward. I can review your case and discuss your options during a free consultation. Based in Bismarck, I handle burn injury cases throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota. Please call 701-354-2702 or send me an email to get started.