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The Costly Toll Of A Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are devastating for both survivors and their loved ones. A moderate to severe brain injury can tremendously impact all aspects of life. These injuries are often career-ending. They often involve a lengthy hospital stay followed by extensive treatment and ongoing rehab. The survivor may end up partially or completely dependent on caregivers, whether family members, personal care assistants or staff members in an assisted living facility. Put simply, they’re among the most life-shattering injuries one can endure.

TBIs take a costly toll on survivors and their families in every way – including financially. The lifetime costs of a TBI can well exceed a million dollars. Pursuing a legal claim can provide survivors and their loved ones with the financial resources for recouping their losses and attaining a better quality of life.

Benefit From My 25-Plus Years Of Experience As A Personal Injury Attorney

At Weikum Injury Law, I help TBI survivors and their loved ones pursue financial recovery through the legal process. If the negligence of another party – whether an individual, business or government entity – contributed to the injury, there may be grounds for a personal injury claim. I have more than 25 years of experience navigating complex injury cases involving TBIs. I can apply that experience to help your family, too.

More than $1 billion recovered: I have a proven track record of success in handling high-stakes cases, often against powerful opponents. I know what it takes to build a solid case from day one.

Building A Strong Case For TBI Clients

I handle TBIs resulting from all kinds of accidents, including work-related accidents, vehicle accidents, falls and oil field accidents. I work with industry-leading experts to build credible evidence regarding all aspects of the claim, including:

  • The factors that contributed to the accident
  • The negligence of other parties
  • The financial damages you’ve endured as a result

From day one, I take a thorough and detailed approach, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked in building the strongest possible case.

Discuss Your Legal Options During A Free Consultation

Contact me, attorney Jeffrey Weikum, at 701-354-2702 or send me an email to get started. Based in Bismarck, I handle TBI cases throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana.