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What kind of treatment can you expect for a severe burn?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Burn Injuries

You can suffer a severe burn anywhere: the oil fields, a construction site or even your kitchen.

The kind of treatment you can expect depends on the severity of the burn and its location on your body. You may also need emotional support while recuperating from the injury.

First steps

When you first see a doctor about your burn, your treatment may include products and medications that promote healing:

  • Pain and anxiety medications
  • Burn creams or ointments to prevent infection and help the wound to close
  • Dressings that prepare the injury to heal
  • Fluids to help you avoid dehydration
  • Water-based treatments including ultrasound mist to clean the wound tissue
  • Drugs to fight infection, including IV antibiotics

Burn center treatment

If the burn covers more than 10% of the body surface area, is on the face, feet or groin or is very deep, your physician may recommend your transfer to a specialized burn center. The treatment at such a facility might include removal of dead and damaged tissue, pain management, anxiety management and possible skin grafting surgery to cover the burned area with healthy skin.

Therapy programs

Depending on the extent of the burn injury, recovery can take months or even years. Proper treatment is essential to avoid complications, including blood clots, scarring, respiratory problems and mobility issues. With a severe burn, you can expect a rehabilitation program that includes physical or occupational therapy. If the location of the burn is over joints, for example, a therapy program helps with flexibility and mobility. Occupational therapy can help you return to normal daily activities while you recover. And if you are a burn victim, you have the right to expect compensation to cover your medical expenses and more.